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Your payment will be credited to your account on the same day if received on a regular business day by 2PM (Mountain Time). Otherwise, your payment may be credited the next business day. Please note that incorrect bank account information may result in returned items which may lead to the cancellation of your insurance policies and/or non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges.
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If noted above, a payment convenience fee may be charged for processing this type of payment. To avoid this charge, mail your payment so that it is received by our offices before the due date. You may also avoid this fee by setting up a recurring ACH payment and have your payment automatically applied each month at no charge. Please contact our customer service department to provide recurring payment instructions and authorization.
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Thank you for scheduling your payment. An email with the details of your payment has been sent to the email address entered with your payment details.

If you have any questions about your payment, please contact us at 800-800-2767. Web payments may be cancelled by calling our customer service department prior to 1PM mountain time on the settlement date.

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